Currently available to pregnant and parenting youth in foster care:

Infant Supplement:

California provides a monthly supplemental payment of $411 to the placement of parenting youth. Youth who live in a Supervised Independent Living Placement (SILP) receive the infant supplement directly.


Whole Family Foster Home:

The Whole Family Foster Home provides a parenting youth in foster care with a successful, supportive and nurturing placement for both the teen and their child and assists the teen parent in their transition to independence.


Shared Responsibility Agreement:

Youth in a Whole Family Foster Home who elect to enter into a shared responsibility agreement that outlines specific actions parenting youth will take towards the care of their child are eligible for a $200 supplemental payment.


Download an ACL on the Shared Responsibility Plan and Whole Family Foster Home.

Considerations that should be made by social workers and probation officers when approving a SILP for a parenting non-minor dependent:

Include assessment of NMD’s ability to provide adequately for child when conducting Readiness Assessment:

Is NMD budgeting adequately for child-related expenses?

Is NMD’s childcare plan realistic, convenient and safe?

Is NMD capable of daily care? (feeding, supervising, addressing health needs)

Is NMD considering appropriate roommates?

Consider health and safety of NMD and child in the health and safety inspection

Helpful resources for determining whether NMD is capable of living independently with child:

Ansell Casey Life Skills Parenting Young Children Assessment Supplement

Ansell Casey Life Skills Parenting Infants Children Assessment

Ansell Casey Life Skills Assessment Supplement – Pregnancy


Considerations that should be made by non-minor dependents when choosing roommates in shared living environments:

“Baby or child proofing” apartment (i.e. No leaving dangerous objects in child’s reach)

Is roommate(s)’ lifestyle(s) appropriate? (i.e. smoking in apartment? Dangerous behavior? Unsafe guests? Quite time for naps? Etc.)

How will bills be split? (i.e. will parenting NMD pay more than non-parenting NMD in rent or for bills/groceries)?

Will roommate baby-sit? What is the expectation?

It’s also important to discuss what to expect for non-parenting NMDs who are considering living with a parenting NMD