Extended foster care is creating a bridge between California’s child welfare system and post-secondary education sector, making the pursuit of an education beyond high school more accessible and
attainable for current and former foster youth by providing housing and financial support until age 21.



AB 12 training is available for:

  • those in the child welfare field who would like to learn more about the post-secondary educational system and what resources are available for current and former foster youth
  • those in the field of higher education who want to learn more about California’s child welfare system and some of the educational challenges and obstacles faced by current and former foster youth

To access these trainings, visit the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) website section on AB 12.

For Other Resources Related to Foster Youth and Higher Education:

The California College Pathways (CCP) Initiative provides resources and leadership to campuses and community organizations to help foster youth succeed at community colleges, vocational schools, and four-year universities. By engaging institutions to work together, sharing best practices, and advocating for policies that support foster youth in higher education, California College Pathways is helping foster youth across the state achieve their higher education goals and move on to fulfilling careers.

California College Pathways:
  • Supports campus networks of programs for foster youth
  • Provides training and technical assistance for emerging and established campus programs
  • Advocates for policies and regulations to improve higher education outcomes for foster youth
  • Collaborates to create a more seamless pipeline to college for K-12 foster youth
Visit the California College Pathways website at: www.cacollegepathways.org