Extended Adoptions Assistance Program Eligibility

General information about California’s Adoptions Assistance Program, is available on the California Department of Social Services’ website.

The following youth are eligible to receive extended
Adoptions Assistance Program (AAP) benefits until age 21


Youth who began to receive the negotiated AAP payment after reaching 16 years of age who are meeting one of the participation conditions.

Youth with a physical or mental disability that warrants continued assistance (regardless of age of entry into AAP).

The adoptive parent is responsible for requesting the AAP extension beyond the age of 18, providing documentation to the responsible public agency supporting that the youth meets one of the five participation criteria, and reporting any changes when the youth is no longer meeting one of the five participation criteria.

(The non-minor former ward or dependent in receipt of AAP may have the aid payments suspended and resumed based on changed circumstances).

For information about AAP for “non-minor dependent adoption”, created by Assembly Bill 1712 and governed by the Welfare and Institutions Code (i.e. adoption of a NMD through juvenile court) as a permanency plan option for a NMD, as well as for information about the amount of the AAP payment, refer to the AB 12 Primer section on AAP.