Once a NMD has undergone the SILP readiness assessment and it has been determined that he or she is ready for a SILP, the actual SILP placement itself must be approved by the county as meeting health and safety standards appropriate for legal adults using the SILP inspection checklist (SOC 157B).

The 10-item SILP health & safety walk-through and checklist must be performed on all SILPs except university/college approved housing.

  • The inspection should be arranged with the NMD so that it respects their privacy and schedule (including that of roommates).
  • NMDs are allowed to live in a SILP that has not yet been approved temporarily, but the county must inspect a new SILP within 10 calendar days.
  • The SILP unit must be re-inspected annually.
  • A copy of completed checklist should be provided to the NMD.