Working Together to Better Support Foster
Youth and Relative Caregivers

We are here to share information about the California Fostering Connections to Success Act.
This law extended foster care to age 21 in California.

Our goal is to ensure that extended foster care is implemented in a manner that improves outcomes for young people and offers them the opportunity to thrive in young adulthood.

The California Fostering Connections Project achieves goals using four strategies:


Collecting and disseminating information about policies and practice related to extended foster care, such as All County Letters, upcoming trainings, and relevant studies.

Technical Assistance
& Training

Providing hands-on technical assistance and training about extended foster care via publications, web seminars, no-cost consultation and regional trainings.

Policy Analysis
& Development

Analyzing the effect of extended foster care and using that information to advocate for improvements.

Coalition Building
& Advocacy

Building and maintaining a well-organized coalition of child welfare stakeholders to advocate for policy changes that will promote the comprehensive and responsible implementation of extended foster care in California.